Closing Remarks

May 25, 2018

Provided by Matt Lukac, Sunrise Grain Solutions Advisor

July corn futures up 1 3/4 @ 4.06, July bean futures up 5 3/4 @ 10.41 1/2, July Wheat
futures up 12 3/4 @ 5.43.

No Drying Fee up to 18% moisture w/regular shrink for
2018 Wheat Harvest.
Studies have confirmed that wheat is ripe
at or near 28% moisture and only bad things can happen to wheat
once it is ripe.  We will once again be offering reduced drying fees
for the 2018 Wheat Harvest.  Shrink only up to 18% moisture & Half
drying full shrink from 18.1% moisture to 20% moistures.  Talk to
your Grain Solution for the details.

Thank you for your Business !