Closing Remarks

September 22, 2017 

Provided by Matt Lukac, Sunrise Grain Solutions Advisor

The “SUNRISE HARVEST POOL” is a Risk Management program that gives you a floor PRICE and keeps you in the market through the key points of the marketing year. You may place “Corn or Soybeans” in our Harvest Program with no bushel minimum.  As harvest proceeds, bushels will be accumulated weekly, and price floors will be established every Thursday, through the month of November 2017.  Manage your price risk, a better alternative than DP!  For details talk to your Sunrise Grain Solution Advisor.

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The market is still debating accuracy of the surprisingly high yields in the USDA Crop Production report more than a week after the estimates were released. For soybeans, the nationwide average yield was increased 0.5 bushel per acre compared to the average trade guess of a 0.7 bpa reduction. A review of recent history suggests the potential for further increases in soybean yield in years when an increase is seen in the September report. It remains critical to avoid participating in crop size discussion as that type of “noise” can distract you from the execution of a disciplined risk management strategy. A much more productive use of time is to review your market circumstances with your Sunrise Grain Solutions advisor and design and implement a customized marketing plan.

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