R7 Tool by WinField United


The R7 Tool by WinField United utilizes historical LandSat satellite imagery at 20 meter resolution to determine management zones based on peak biomass of fields. These satellite images have been collected since the late 1960’s to evaluate the status of vegetative growth as a predictor of crop health. The R7 Tool has imagery that dates as far back as 20 years in certain areas.  The images are processed to show patterns within a field boundary based on vegetative biomass that can be used to manage a field into the future.

Answer Plot Data

A key component to the R7 Tool is a database of variety information from trials throughout the United States through WinField United's Answer Plot system. This Plot system includes 185+ Answer Plots throughout the United States representing hybrids from Croplan, Dekalb/Asgrow, NK (Syngenta), Mycogen, and Pioneer. Each variety tested is evaluated on its response to varied populations, nitrogen rate, fungicide, and continuous corn environments.  This provides unmatched information to place the right seed, in the right soils, at the right rate, given the right fertility, in your management system.

Sunrise Cooperative Utilization of the R7 Tool

At Sunrise Cooperative, we utilize this tool to help develop variable rate planting and nitrogen recommendations that have shown increased ROI on seed and nitrogen since 2012. In that time we have developed a strong skill set, not only in developing the recommendations but also ensuring the prescriptions are loaded into each respective display and the operator understands how to get them to work.