Many times, when we discuss the cost of grid soil sampling farmers get hung up on the cost per acre instead of the value of the test itself. The words “cost” and “value” get mixed and the $10 per acre cost becomes a hurdle which is not overcome. The value is never realized because the cost is the only item of full article       

Timing is Everything: 
A Comprehensive Approach to Crop Nutrition

Grid soil sampling has served as the standard for assessing soil fertility for the last several years. It has allowed growers to invest fertilizer dollars more effectively in comparison to dated alternatives such as composite full article     

Managing the Application of Manure

With proper management, livestock manure can be a valuable resource for crop nutrients, while also protecting our environment at the same time.

Step 1: Use soil test and cropping information to determine nutrients needed. Manure should not be applied at rates exceeding nitrogen requirements...
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Sunrise Precision Solutions team member, Craig Houin, discusses the value of a $10 Soil Sample in this short video. 

Soil Analysis

Sound nutrient management is built upon a strong soil testing program. Soil testing is a multistep process that includes the collection of representative samples from each field or zone; proper analysis of samples to determine soil pH and the levels of available nutrients; and the use of results to determine nutrient status, and optimum rates of applied lime, fertilizer, or full article  


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Take a tour of SureTech Laboratory and see how your soil samples are processed in this short video.


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