Share the Road

Sunrise Cooperative, Inc. reminds everyone that safety is top priority and this fall harvest is no exception.

As a farmer, here are ways that you can prevent accidents when taking equipment on the roadway for the fall harvest:

  • Display a Slow Moving Vehicle (SMV) emblem on the back of all tractors, towed implements, and self-propelled implements.

  • Mark the edges of tractors and equipment with reflective tape.

  • Equipment should be equipped with 2 headlamps and 2 tail lights.

  • Equip any vehicle or towed equipment that is 12 feet or wider with flashing amber lights located on its sides.

  • Avoid moving between fields during high traffic times of the day.

  • If you are traveling a long distance, consider using a pilot car in the front and back of your tractor and equipment.

As a motorist, here are ways that you can prevent accidents when sharing the roadway for the fall harvest:
Know that a SMV symbol indicates that the farm equipment is traveling under 25 miles an hour and it is a warning to slow down by increasing your following distance.

  • When passing farm machinery, proceed with caution by watching vehicles behind you that may also be trying to pass and never pass if there are curves or hills.

  • Do not assume that if a farmer pulls to the right side of the road that they are turning right or letting you pass because the size of farm equipment sometimes requires the farmer to pull to the right side to safely make a left turn.

  • If you are driving in the opposite direction of farm equipment that is wider than the lane, you should pull off the road and stop, allowing the machine to pass.