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Sunrise carries a full-line of turf care products for the turf professional. If there is an item you don’t see listed on any of our web pages, please don’t hesitate to contact one of our sales people at our Columbus or Lebanon locations for assistance with product and sales information.


Groland Fore  |  Label, MSDS

  • A chelated iron and manganese product formulated for Trupointe.
  • Nitrogen 12%, Iron 6% Chelated, Sulfur 4%, Manganese 2% Chelalted
  • Designed to correct Iron and Manganese deficiecies or to enhance turf color and quality, particularly when discoloration of turf occurs with the application of PGRs (plant growth regulators).

Growth Products

The Classic 18-3-6 

  • Liquid fertilizer solution with 50% SRN plus micronutrients.
  • Label, MSDS

Magnesium Chelate 3%

  • Glucoheptonate Organic Chelate with 2% Sulfur
  • Label, MSDS

Companion Biological Fungicide

  • For Turf and Professional Landscape use for Prevention and Control of Soil and Foliar Diseases
  • LabelMSDS


Gypsum - Offering a greens grade product, as well as a pelleted standard and fairway grades

Lime - Offering a Lime Hi Mag bagged pelleted bag product and a Lime Hi Cal pelleted bag product




Trinexapac-ethyl (active ingredient)

Paclobutrazol (active ingredient)

  • SipcamAdvan: ProPensitv 1.3 ME  |  Label/MSDS

Ethephon (active ingredient)


Wetting agents are an important tool to reduce the surface tension of liquids for turfgrass professionals.