Acelepryn GLabel | SDS

  • Syngenta
  • Chlorantraniliprole (.2%)
  • Provides golf course superintendents unmatched, season-long grub control with a single (8-16 fl oz/A) application in April or May.
  • That same application for grubs will control many key surface feeding pests including several species of caterpillars.
  • For annual bluegrass weevil (ABW), apply 12-20 fl. oz/A, which will provide an even broader spectrum of effective control.
Aloft LC SC

Arena 50WDG | Label | SDS
  • Nufarm (Valent)
  • Clothianbidin (50%)
  • Arena works as both a preventive and a curative, for outstanding control of chinch bugs, white grubs and a broad spectrum of other turf and ornamental pests witha single application.
  • Controls white grubs, inlcuding Japanese beetle and masked chafers, plus other thatch-and surface-feeding insects.
  • Excellent results when applied prior to third instar.
  • Does not require immediate watering-in after application.
Dylox 6.2 | Label | SDS

Mallet 2F | Label | SDS

Menace 7.9% GC | Label | SDS

Safari 20SG | Label | SDS

SEVIN SL Carbaryl | Label | SDS