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Creating the healthy lawn, plants and garden you want is easy. Feeding your plants regularly gives them the nutrition needed to grow green and strong.

When developing a fertilization program, a number of factors need to be considered. These factors include the:
  • minerals required for plant growth and development;
  • natural soil fertility;
  • fertilizer selection;
  • turfgrass species, desired quality, and use;
  • environmental and management conditions; and
  • application schedule. 


This proprietary brand of fertilizers features chelated granules to ensure an even distributionof ingredients. Carrying a variety of stock analysis, these SGN 200 products are available in bulk, totes and 50 pound bags.

A full-line of lawn fertilizers includes Nutrisphere-N (NSN), a urea stabilizer which slows the conversion of fertilizer into water-soluble nitrates in the soil. These products are available with or without phosphorus.

Custom blending is available.


  • HYDREXX® nitrogen stabilizer is a dry nitrogen fertilizer additive for dissolved urea and UAN solution. 
  • HYDREXX® stabilizer contains N-(n-butyl) thiophosphoric triamide, a urease inhibitor which reduces nitrogen loss by ammonia volatilization from synthetic or organic urea, and dicyandiamide, an organic nitrogen material which keeps nitrogen in the ammonium form longer. 
  • Together these components allow more complete nitrogen utilization in turfgrass applications.
  • This product may only be used with liquid nitrogen fertilizers that are for turf & ornamental use. It is not recommended for use as a fertilizer substitute.


With a reputation for supreme-quality fertilizers, we are proud to be a supplier of Spring Valley products. Available in SGN 90, 150 and 220, this is a product to meet your greens, tees, fairways and longer length turf. All SGN 150 products are available in bulk, totes and 50 pound bags.

Custom blending of specific analysis with Regain, Duration, Nutraline, N-Lite, DDP, SOP and MOP is available in certain quantities.


Bulldog water-soluble fertilizers provide balanced NPK nutrition with a full package of micronutrients. Available in 25 pound bags, this free-flowing crystalline powder quickly dissolves in water and will not clog spray applicators.

Bulldog 20-20-20 is offered with micros in a stabilized or non-stabilized formulation. Popular with superintendents is Bulldog Bentgrass plus 28-8-18.

For feeding trees in a stabilized or non-stabilized formulation, 33-5-2-11 is available.


Fertilizers are often mixed with herbicide to reduce the labor involved in lawn maintenance. Here are a few recommended products.  Note:

  • Regain is a proprietary technology used to stabilize nitrogen to effectivivelly provide a longe-timed release of the nitrogen in a fertilizer.
  • Regain provides for a release of nitrogen over a six - ten week period.
  • Regain's stabilized nitrogen prevents growth surges.


  • 13-0-0, 0.125 Dimension, 100% Regain, (recommended rate: 4 bags/Acre)
  • 12-0-0, 0.37 prodiamine, 100% Regain, (recommended rate: 4 bags/Acre)
  •  6-0-0, 0.37 prodiamine, 100% Regain, (recommended rate: 4 bags/Acre)

Weed & Feed

  • 15-0-2, 1.58% Viper, SGN 150, 100% Regain, (recommended rate: 175#/Acre)
  • 19-0-5, 0.01% Lockup 3 Way, (Penoxsulam, Dicamba, & 2,4D),100% Regain,
    (recommended rate: 150#/Acre)


19-0-3, 0.2% Mallet (imidacloprid), 100% Regain, (recommended rate: 175#/Acre)